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Downsizing and Donations

At Town & Country Movers, we come across many items that customers wish to have donated during their move. We recently came across this beautiful baby grand piano in a home that was being downsized from in Maryland. Donna and Clyde Messerly had a dilemma. After many years living and working in the DC area, they were moving into a retirement home at the beach. The problem was what to do with their cherished Weber baby grand piano? The piano was in pristine condition without so much as a scratch. Efforts to sell the piano were unsuccessful. The couple was heartbroken at the thought of the piano going to the dump. Our team comes across donations and downsizing problems like this all the time, so we recommended donating the piano to our friends at Habitat for Humanity.   Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland, took most of the other items [...]

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Battle of Suburbia: Maryland vs. Virginia

Washington, D.C. is one of the world’s greatest cities, and its suburbs play a significant part in that. Let’s take a look at the long standing rivalry between Maryland and Virginia, and how they both work to create one of the most educated and affluent regions in the country. Maryland “Crabcakes and football, that’s what Maryland does!”… that’s true, but that’s not all Maryland does. Not only is Maryland home to the 4th (Howard County) and 12th (Montgomery County) “most affluent” counties in the states, it also holds extremely high ranks in education statistics. Enjoy an afternoon at the Baltimore National Aquarium or take a stroll through the cobblestone streets of the historic capital city, Annapolis. And in case you didn’t know, here are some fun facts about the “Old Line State”. -Home to the #1 hospital in the country, John’s Hopkins. -The state sport is jousting. -Maryland gave up [...]

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Don’t Let the Rain Bog you Down!

As they say, “April showers bring May flowers”, and at this rate we’ll be frolicking in a wealth of flora (hopefully of the Cherry Blossom variety) soon! But until then, don’t let the rain keep you from taking advantage of all the city and surrounding suburbs have to offer. Washington, D.C.: The Museums: This one’s a given… Washington D.C. has a plethora of great (and often times free!) museums that are fun for all ages. Some to note are the Smithsonian- Air & Space, American History, American Art, and Natural History Museums. And if you don’t mind spending a little money, the Newseum is a great way to spend a rainy day! Visit The Capitol Building: One of the most symbolically important buildings in the world, the Capitol is truly an impressive structure. Tours require reservations in advance, but feel free to check out the visitor center at your leisure. More information on [...]

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We’ve Done It Again!!! Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner!!

Gaithersburg based Town & Country Movers is proud to present our 2013 Angie’s List Super Service Award!! The award marks our 7th straight win, the only Moving & Storage company in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area to do so. With over 200 “A” reviews, Angie’s List has provided a great platform for showing potential customers the top quality service we provide. Not only did Town & Country take home the Super Service Award for Moving in the D.C. Metropolitan Area, we also earned the award for Moving in Baltimore, Storage Facilities, and Piano Moving as well!! If you or someone you know has any questions about an upcoming move, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!!

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Santa’s Got a New Sleigh!- Fairfax County Holiday Spirit Campaign

Earlier this month, Town & Country Movers was honored to participate in the Fairfax County Holiday Spirit Campaign! The campaign, which started a partnership with Long and Foster in 2006, provides toys and other items for underprivileged children in Fairfax County. A big part of the campaigns success is due to the incredible efforts of top agent Beckie Owens. Owens, who married a Marine in 1975, has always participated in Toy’s for Tots. In 1996, a coworker of Owens asked if she’d be willing to donate a couple of the toys to this other organization, one that runs through the county. “I just fell in love with the program”, says Beckie after learning more about the Fairfax County Holiday Spirit Campaign. For the next 10 years, Beckie, while still supporting Toys for Tots would also provide toys and necessities for the county. But in 2006, with the help of Long [...]

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Organizing For Your Next Move

By: Brian S. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your house organized for your next move. Follow these simple techniques to make your move day a breeze! 1. Allocate a room for give-aways/trash: Set aside a space in your home where you can put everything you plan to donate or throw-away. Once you’ve compiled everything, plan an afternoon around taking these items to donation centers or to the dump. This way you’ll save yourself some time and $$ (gas). 2. Place boxes in each room: Pre-assemble and place labeled boxes in each room. Each night, spend a little bit of time packing rooms one-by-one. Don’t remove the boxes until the day of your move. This way, if you need something you’ll know where it is. Also, you’ll need more boxes than you think, so it’s best to grab a few extra just in case. 3.  Get into a routine: Set an allotted [...]

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The Ultimate Moving Playlist

By: Brian S. Moving can be a long and often times stressful event… why not motivate yourself with some tunes!! Check out some of our favorite songs for moving in this playlist!! 1. “Movin’ Out”- Billy Joel 2. “Move Along”- All-American Rejects 3. “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard”- Paul Simon 4. “Hit the Road Jack”- Ray Charles 5. “Born to Run”- Bruce Springsteen 6. “Life is a Highway”- Tom Cochrane 7. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”- The Proclaimers 8. “A Place in the Sun”- Stevie Wonder 9. “Movin’ on Up”- The Jefferson’s Theme ….and for when you’re all settled in!! 10. “Celebration”- Kool & The Gang Do you have any favorite moving jams?? We’d love to hear about them!

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6 Tricks to Make Packing a Treat!

By: Brian S. An organized and complete pack job can be the difference between a smooth move and a scary move. Below are 6 tricks to help you ward off those nightmare moving scenarios! 1. Label, Label, Label: Be sure to label all of your boxes. But don’t stop there! Color code your boxes based on what rooms they belong in. Take it a step further; use a clear plastic bin for items you’ll need right away! 2. Get Creative: Stack plates vertically and use foam plates as dividers. For other valuables, save money and space by wrapping them in clothing! 3. Go to Your Local Liquor Store: No, no, no… not to drown your moving sorrows away. Beer boxes are great for carrying things like books because they have handles. And often times you can get the boxes for free! 4. That’s Not Garbage!: Use garbage bags for packing hanging [...]

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Did You Know?? D.C. Streets Explained

D.C. streets, believe it or not, are extremely well organized (for the most part). In each of the 4 quadrants, numbered streets run North to South, lettered streets run East-West and diagonal streets are named after U.S. States. But here are some fun facts you may not have known! - The letter “J” is omitted simply because it bears too close a resemblance to the letter “I.”   “X, Y, and Z” are also missing. - Once the alphabet is exhausted, it starts over with two syllable names (i.e. Euclid, Fairmont, Harvard, etc.).   - Once the two syllable names are exhausted, then begin three syllable names (in alphabetical order as well) (i.e. Allison, Buchanan, Decatur, etc.).   - Finally, once the three syllable names are exhausted, streets are named alphabetically after plants/flowers (i.e. Aspen, Butternut, Cedar).   Now you’ll never get lost in the city, right??!… All I have [...]

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MOVING to a New School

By: Brian S. It’s no secret that the peak of moving season comes during the summer. A big reason for this is due to the fact that parents don’t want their kids switching schools in the middle of the school year. For children/teens, changing schools can be extremely difficult. It’s important to help your kids with this transition to ensure them the best opportunities for success. Below are some tips to help your kids get through this “end of the world” scenario: 1. Take a trial run: Especially for younger children, it’s important for them to visualize where they’re going. Before school starts, drive them to school, and if possible, take a tour of the school itself. If they’ll be taking a bus, show them where the bus stop is. If they’re walking, print out a map of their route… If you’re feeling really ambitious, make it a treasure map! 2. Research [...]

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