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Washington DC Crane Move

Crane Move in Washington DC As a local and long distance moving company, sometimes there are large items that cannot be lifted by our team or items that may not fit in elevator shafts or stairwells and need a crane to hoist from a balcony and brought down to our truck. Last week we moved this property in Washington, DC and we had to call in a crane to help us move items. What items did we move?  This customer had 2 large area rugs, a large antique sofa, and an oversized king-size mattress. It was a liquidating estate move with older items that could not be dismantled to maintain the integrity of the piece. For example, the antique sofa could not be disassembled, and neither could the mattress of course. When do we recommend using a crane? When the items don’t fit in a stairway or elevator and it's over [...]

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Long Distance Move from Chevy Chase MD

At Town & Country Movers we are able to move homes or commercial space locally, long distance, and even international. We recently completed this move from Chevy Chase, MD to Olympia, WA. Here is what the customer had to say about their long distance move experience. “We completed our move from Chevy Chase to Olympia, WA. Manuel, the driver came with the packers on 7/1 (the day before the move) and supervised and assisted 3 of your employees in packing our goods for the move on 7/2.” Why did we pack this move the day before? Many times with long distance moves the home owner is moving all their belongings including may be even cars or other large items, so allowing a whole day for packing is important for an efficient long distance move. We also complete an inventory of each item being moved to ensure during the check in [...]

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Home Staging in Great Falls, VA

Is Home Staging Worth It? Home staging helps prospective home buyers envision themselves living in your home. Staging can sell your home faster, and at a higher sales price because it shows your home in the best state possible. At Town & Country, our Staging Division is ready to stage your home in Maryland, DC, or Virginia to help sell your home faster and for top dollar. Our Recent Home Staging in Great Falls, VA We recently worked with one of our Realtor Partners at TTR Sotheby’s to stage this beautiful home in Great Falls, VA. The home had been in the family for many years and had been passed down by family members. Eventually, the family decided to sell and wanted to give the house a complete makeover that resulted in a quick sale. Our Lead Designer, Angela Dugarte, coordinated the design to present the home in its best [...]

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Home Staging in Washington, DC

Why Does Home Staging Work So Well? Home staging is intended to appeal to the senses and allow the potential buyers to visualize themselves living in a home. At Town & Country, our Staging Division is capable of staging homes all over the DC Metro Area and consistently delivers exceptional service for our realtor partners and their clients. The Staging Team Involved In Our latest Washington, DC Property Stage We recently worked with a Realtor Partner at TTR Sotheby’s to stage this beautiful home in Washington, DC. Our Lead Designer, Jamira Thomas, coordinated the design to present the home in its best possible light. She had a clear vision and understanding of the type of presentation needed to capture the prospective buyer's senses. Our team got to work, using high-end furniture and accessories to pull the design plan together. Our team transformed an empty house into a dream home that [...]

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Downsizing and Donations

At Town & Country Movers, we come across many items that customers wish to have donated during their move. We recently came across this beautiful baby grand piano in a home that was being downsized from in Maryland. Donna and Clyde Messerly had a dilemma. After many years living and working in the DC area, they were moving into a retirement home at the beach. The problem was what to do with their cherished Weber baby grand piano? The piano was in pristine condition without so much as a scratch. Efforts to sell the piano were unsuccessful. The couple was heartbroken at the thought of the piano going to the dump. Our team comes across donations and downsizing problems like this all the time, so we recommended donating the piano to our friends at Habitat for Humanity.   Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland, took most of the other items [...]

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What to look for when hiring Movers

3 Factors to select local movers in MD, DC, and Northern VA 1. Reputation One of the most reliable ways of making a good choice when it comes to choosing your moving company is to look at the online reputation of a business. Reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook are a great place to start. On Google, you can see how long the company has been in business for, and what previous clients have to say about their service. Another popular option is to ask your realtor who they recommend. Because realtors help people in the real estate transaction process, they have a good idea which moving companies in DC, MD, and VA offer the best service. 2. Are They Licensed & Bonded For peace of mind, it is always a good idea to choose a moving company that is licensed and bonded. For a company to [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Moving Boxes

The process of moving is not a task that people typically look forward to. Planning ahead is the key to a smooth move and will help make this stressful process simple. Most questions we receive are about moving boxes. How many moving boxes do I need? Where should I get moving boxes? What are moving box sizes? So, we decided to create this moving box guide to answer all of your moving box questions. Preparing for Your Move We created this free moving checklist to help with the overall time frames and process of moving, but as for the packing and preparing of moving supplies, here is what you should prepare for. When should you start boxing things? It is never too early to start packing, however if you are moving due to the sale of your home and you are currently showing your home, your real estate agent may [...]

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How to build and properly seal a moving box   For our DIY aficionados, let our experts show you how to properly build and seal a moving box with these quick, easy steps! Why is the type of fold important while securing your box? You may be asking: “Can’t I just quarter fold and call it a day?” The easy quarter fold actually makes the box weaker, likening your chances of your beloved items falling straight to the ground through the bottom of the box. Simply turn that box upside down, place the smaller flaps down before bringing the larger edges to fold over top of them, and tape, tape, tape! Three strips of tape work best in making sure your box is strong and ready to safely hold your goods. The right type of tape is also essential in making sure your box is structurally sound. Not all adhesives are created equal, so be sure to use [...]

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