By: Brian S.

An organized and complete pack job can be the difference between a smooth move and a scary move. Below are 6 tricks to help you ward off those nightmare moving scenarios!

1. Label, Label, Label: Be sure to label all of your boxes. But don’t stop there! Color code your boxes based on what rooms they belong in. Take it a step further; use a clear plastic bin for items you’ll need right away!

2. Get Creative: Stack plates vertically and use foam plates as dividers. For other valuables, save money and space by wrapping them in clothing!

3. Go to Your Local Liquor Store: No, no, no… not to drown your moving sorrows away. Beer boxes are great for carrying things like books because they have handles. And often times you can get the boxes for free!

4. That’s Not Garbage!: Use garbage bags for packing hanging clothes. Or ask us about our wardrobe boxes!!

 5. Choose Your Box Wisely: Pack heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes. Also, try to use as much space in each box… the tighter the fit, the less likely things will move around and get damaged.

6. Get Your Mummy On: Plastic wrap can be your best friend during a move. Use it to wrap things like drawers (to keep them in place), jewelry (to prevent tangles), and toiletries (to prevent any leaking).