If you are planning to move with the help of a moving company, you may be wondering if movers will pack your items for you. Yes, most professional movers will offer a packing service, however, there are some things to consider when deciding on packing services.

Town & Country Movers, Inc. Packing Boxes

How Long Will Packing Take?

This all depends on the size of your home and how many items you have. The short answer is 1-2 days for most single-family homes. A team of packers can come in the day before the move, pack everything properly, then the moving team shows up the following day to load the truck and move.

Another thing to consider is how organized your items are. Some people use moving as a way to purge items and give away things they don’t want in their new hours. This can slow down a packing team significantly if they have to stop and consider each item instead of packing everything.


Will Movers Unpack My Items?

Once the items arrive at your new destination, movers can move the boxes and furniture into the rooms where they need to be unpacked. If you would like them to unpack everything and prep the house for you, most professional full-service moving companies will offer this service.

A full-service pack and move is much less stressful than a DIY move because it takes the guesswork and planning away from you and leaves it to the professionals. However, a full pack and move can be more expensive because you are paying for more services and more labor.


Packing Services Cost Factors

The cost of moving services is determined by several factors. The number of items you are moving, the distance you are traveling and how much those items weight will be considered when pricing out your move. If you need additional services such as unpacking and storage in between the move, this will also affect what the final cost it.


Do I Need to Buy Packing Materials?

If you’re hiring a moving company, they will bring all the materials needed for your pack and move. This means that you don’t have to purchase boxes or packing material like tape or packing paper. Each box will be labeled properly so when it arrives at your new location, everything is inventoried and ready to be unpacked.


Can Movers Disassemble Furniture?

You’ve got a lot to consider when you’re moving. You need to decide whether or not you want movers to pack your stuff, and if so, should they disassemble your furniture?

Disassembling items like pool tables, pianos, and treadmills is common for movers to move. Most reputable moving companies that have been in business for a while have experienced team members that can facilitate the disassembly and reassembly of pretty much anything that needs to be moved.


Packing & Moving Company in the DC Metro Area

Town & Country Movers is a full-service moving company in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. As part of that full-service, we offer expert packing. Our trained professional crews are committed to providing quality pack services to ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound at their destination.

Organization is the name of the game when it comes to packing. Our pack crews follow strict guidelines to prevent any mix-ups when it comes to getting your belongings where they need to be. Upon arrival at your home or office, our crews will do a thorough walk-through to determine what items are being packed.

We will make sure we have the right materials for your individual move; meaning professional quality boxes, packing materials, tape, and labels/markers. Our custom boxes for mattresses, dishes, mirrors, fine china, and personal heirlooms are just a few examples of our unparalleled attention to detail. Prior to your move, a Town & Country team of professional packers will arrive at your home to start the packing process. On occasion, light or partial packing can be accomplished on the day of your move.

Your move coordinator will make sure we follow a system tailored to your needs. We pack room by room, labeling your boxes according to room and contents. Our professional packing crews will keep you organized and on schedule.

If you are looking for a reputable and professional packing and moving company, we are happy to provide a consultation and a custom moving estimate. Request an estimate here or call us at (301) 670-4600.