Crane Move in Washington DC

As a local and long distance moving company, sometimes there are large items that cannot be lifted by our team or items that may not fit in elevator shafts or stairwells and need a crane to hoist from a balcony and brought down to our truck. Last week we moved this property in Washington, DC and we had to call in a crane to help us move items.

Crane Moving Furniture

What items did we move? 

This customer had 2 large area rugs, a large antique sofa, and an oversized king-size mattress. It was a liquidating estate move with older items that could not be dismantled to maintain the integrity of the piece. For example, the antique sofa could not be disassembled, and neither could the mattress of course.

When do we recommend using a crane?

When the items don’t fit in a stairway or elevator and it’s over 2 flights of steps we may recommend using a crane to make the process safer and more efficient for us. Also, if an item can’t be disassembled and is very large, a crane would be very helpful. In this project, they were on the 7th