Moving to a new house is a stressful experience. Packing your plates can be even more stressful, as they’re not just delicate items, but also heavy and bulky. So, how do you pack fragile items like plates securely? Using the right materials and techniques will help keep them safe during moving day.

Prepare the moving box for plates

Prepare the moving box with packing paper or newspaper on the bottom to provide support and cushion for your plates. Try to limit the box to 30-50 pounds max, don’t overload the box to the point it is impossible to pick up.

Wrap each plate using packing paper or newspaper

  • Place the item in the center of your piece of paper.
  • Wrap the paper around the object, making sure that it is tight and snug so that it doesn’t move around in transit.
  • Secure with tape at all four corners or in the center.

If you don’t have good packing tape, then use what you have on hand; but if there is any chance that your item may break during transit, always use an industrial strength version instead of duct or masking tape! The last thing anyone wants to do when unpacking their belongings after moving is pick up pieces of a broken plate out from between papers and books after they’ve arrived at their new home!

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Place the wrapped plates in a cardboard box on their side

  • Wrap each plate in newsprint or bubble wrap, and tape the wrapping closed.
  • Place the wrapped plates in a cardboard box on their side to allow room for movement during transit.
  • If you have extra space in your moving box, fill it with linens or towels that can absorb any minor shifting that may occur to your plates during transport.

It is important not to stack plates on top of each other, as the weight and pressure of one bump could possibly break them. This is why it is best to set them in side by side when moving.

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Create a secure and sturdy stack of boxes. Fragile on the bottom

  • Pack plates in a sturdy box with at least three strips of packing tape on all seams. This will help prevent movement and keep your plates safe during transit.
  • Place heavier boxes on the bottom, as they’re more likely to break if stacked improperly during transit.
  • If you have many dishes and other small, fragile items, consider grouping them together in one larger box so that they don’t shift around in transit—this can save you time unpacking when you reach your new home!

Mark the box accordingly to indicate that it contains fragile items.

  • Mark the box accordingly to indicate that it contains fragile items.
  • Use a sticker or label to mark the box. If you’re using a sticker, make sure it’s one that won’t easily get caught on other boxes in your moving truck or storage unit. Tape is a good way to secure the label so it doesn’t fall off, but make sure you don’t tape over any text on the label! The best thing to do would be to place some packing tape around both sides of your box and then put your sticker right in between them so that no part of it is covered up by tape.

Packing plates is the most difficult part of moving house, so it’s best done right to avoid damaged items.

Packing plates is the most difficult part of moving house, so it’s best-done right to avoid damaged items. The most important thing is to use enough packing material. You don’t want to stack too many plates in a single box because they can get crushed, and you need to protect the plate edges and corners.

There are three main types of boxes that are useful when moving plates:

  • Medium-size moving boxes – These are designed for packing glasses and dishes, plus they’re easier to carry than large ones.
  • Large-size moving boxes – These are designed for packing vases and other fragile items, but you can also use them if all your dishes fit into medium boxes instead.

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If you follow these guidelines, packing plates should be a breeze. You’ll be able to pack up your dishes in no time and keep them safe from damage when it comes time to unpack them at the new property!

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