A Day in the Life: Illona Sher, Packing Manager

By: Brian S. “Packing is an art.” Those were the first words Illona Sher, our Packing Manager, said to me on my packing job tag-along. And thinking I was Picasso, I proceeded to ask, “big things go in big boxes and small things in small boxes, right?”… Wrong… It was clear I had a lot to learn about packing. Organization is the name of the game when it comes to packing. Our packing crews follow strict guidelines to prevent any mix-ups when it comes to getting your belongings where they need to be. Upon arrival at a home or office, our crews will do a thorough walk-through to determine what items are being packed. Contents and room locations are written on boxes to allow for an easy transition. Once the packing is complete, a thorough inventory is taken to ensure everything is accounted for. This same inventory list is readdressed [...]