By: Brian S.

Packing is an art.” Those were the first words Illona Sher, our Packing Manager, said to me on my packing job tag-along. And thinking I was Picasso, I proceeded to ask, “big things go in big boxes and small things in small boxes, right?”… Wrong… It was clear I had a lot to learn about packing.

Organization is the name of the game when it comes to packing. Our packing crews follow strict guidelines to prevent any mix-ups when it comes to getting your belongings where they need to be. Upon arrival at a home or office, our crews will do a thorough walk-through to determine what items are being packed. Contents and room locations are written on boxes to allow for an easy transition. Once the packing is complete, a thorough inventory is taken to ensure everything is accounted for. This same inventory list is readdressed at the new location. “If there are 300 items packed, there will be 300 items unpacked.”-Sher

“It’s like a puzzle…maximizing the space better protects your belongings.”- Illona Sher

In addition to organization, protection is a key piece to a successful pack job. That’s why Town & Country Movers is constantly upgrading its methods for maximum protection of your belongings. The self-proclaimed creator of “flat rolling,” a packaging technique that involves wrapping fragiles with mirror carton sheets, Illona is constantly looking for new and effective ways to pack a home. “It’s different everyday”, says Sher of her job, “I get to be creative, which I love.” From the custom built crates for oversized pieces, to the use of acid free archival paper for artwork, you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive safe and sound at their destination. Illona said it best, “I’ve packed homes for 22 years… I still pack every home as if it were my own.”

Labeling is Extremely Important in Keeping Your Belongings Organized Throughout Your Move

Artwork is Packaged in Custom Built Frames