Packing can make moving tricky when trying to sort through items that have long since been buried away. The list could go forever regarding what to keep and what to donate. Most people find that their clothes from 20 years ago, or their outdated, but still functional furniture no longer has a place in their home. That being said, there are many different alternatives to simply throwing away what isn’t needed or wanted. Town & Country Movers have been servicing the (DMV) for the past 40 years. Downsizing has been a reoccurring need in people’s relocation process for years. Town & Country Movers has been working with A Wider Circle, to help our customers with their downsizing needs.

Give yourself three months before moving

Time, the thing we have the least of but need the most. Allowing yourself enough time to move will help you with every aspect of the move such as the packing and unpacking process. Three months will give you enough time to evaluate each room. Trying to take on a whole house at once can be very overwhelming. Slow down, don’t rush this process. Taking your time will let you evaluate each item with its respected time. Focus on overflow areas such as your kitchen cabinet or the deep depths of your closets.

Get organized!

Deciding what to keep doesn’t get easier if you aren’t organized. Most people can’t begin their packing process without a healthy purge. The purge applies to all sections of the house so do not be shy. Make three piles for items you’re keeping, selling and charity. This can work for any room or item, cloths, kitchen utensils Overall, this will help you keep your items organized but many people unfortunately end up with a fourth pile, the dreaded maybes. This fourth pile can be analyzed quickly, then tossed. It’s simple, ask yourself if you have used or worn it more than once in the past month. If you haven’t used or worn them, get rid of it. Remember, if the item is damaged and cannot be donated, be sure to recycle if it applies.

Sell your items with ease

There are many online resources to help you sell your items. Create a dollar pile to help you sell. Yes, the overpriced items you paid for might not be worth anything by the time it’s come to get rid of them. Clothing can absolutely fall under this category if it is not being donated. Realize that by pricing down some items, it may be more cost effective versus having items sit on a site for a while. Make sure to do your research before pricing out anything you may have, that old clown lamp from the 80’s could turn a profit. Craigslist, EBay and even the new Facebook Market place can be a great way to sell your items locally. If you are having trouble selling bigger items, maybe it’s time to cut your loss and throw a free sign outside of your house. This is a great way to have something you don’t want or need be taken fast.

Get an Opinion!

Yes, what you are keeping might just be a biased opinion of something related to some memories. During your downsizing journey, be sure to get a second opinion on your “Keep” pile. Try to keep family out of the second opinion, you may just end up with more stuff that way. Friends can offer just the right of unbiased input to keep your downsizing on track. Sometimes it can be painful getting rid of things you may hold value to. But stay optimistic and keep an open mind, your “treasures” may turn out to be something else after a second look.

Lingering Storage

Make sure you do not have anything lurking in old storage units. Many times those units can go over looked until the actual move date. This can be a problem if you plan on accessing them before your move. Make sure to schedule a time to access it if you have important short term items. You do have options, you can either choose to pack it up with your move or keep it if you are staying local. Try to be proactive, purge the unit if possible. Most of the time, things in storage are not considered to be a necessity.  Once a unit has been cleaned out, you can merge it in with your packing process.

Stay visual, be selective with your space

If you are keeping something that you can’t imagine its place within your new home, get rid of it. This helps a lot with kitchen items, you do not need 4 sets of silverware. Aesthetics are important, a newly organized home will keep your place looking and feeling fresh. Don’t be afraid to downsize your wardrobes and belongings even after you have just moved. The space you though you may have had, might not be there when you arrive.