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Town & Country Movers has been serving the greater DC metropolitan area for more than 40 years, and have become the movers Arlington VA has come to know and trust as we pride ourselves on delivering customer service and reliability. Town & Country has won the Angie’s List’s Super Service Award for the past nine consecutive years, and we focus on ensuring the safety of customers’ furniture and valuables at every step of the way. Our focus on customer service and satisfaction have made us one of the best moving companies in Arlington VA. Read on to learn more about the services Town & Country provides as well as the benefits of hiring us your Arlington VA movers.

Movers Make it Easy to Track Expenses

When a family moves across the country alone, the costs can quickly add up. Renting a moving van, paying for fuel, buying packing supplies, and purchasing supplemental insurance can be costly. However, a local mover will make things simpler, and we will offer a quote that combines all moving expenses into one easy-to-read form.


Professional Movers Can Help Families Save Energy and Time

If a family decides to handle its own move, the work is not done once expenses are calculated. The real hard work begins when it is time to rent a truck, find packing supplies, pack and load, and make the drive. Not only can local movers in Arlington VA take care of all the heavy lifting, we can create a plan based on their experience and the family’s needs.

Local Movers Know the Area

Most people are not familiar with the neighborhoods to which they move. Navigation can be hard enough in a passenger car, let alone in a packed moving van. Local movers like us specialize in the DC metro area, which means that we know how to get the family’s belongings to the destination on time and get you settled in.

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Greater Peace of Mind

Underlying all of these benefits is a basic truth: A reliable local mover can provide reassurance to families. When relocating to or from the Arlington area, moving possessions is not the only thing the family has to think of. Parents start new jobs, kids start new schools, and everyone has to learn about the new neighborhood. By hiring a professional moving company, the family is left with more time to focus on settling into their new surroundings.

Residential Moves

Residential movers vary widely as far as services are concerned. Town & Country offers accurate estimates, and we are there through every step in the moving process. Arlington area families know that we will treat their possessions with care, and they will get just the services they need without all the unnecessary fees and add-ons.

Cross-Country Moves

Long-distance moves are accompanied by a significant amount of stress, and the team at Town & Country understands this. To reassure families, we offer guaranteed pickup and drop-off dates, as well as a state-of-the-art fleet of auto transporters and moving trucks. Because of the high level of service, customers in Virginia, DC, and Maryland should look no further for a moving company than Town & Country.

Overseas Moves

As stressful and hectic as a cross-country move is, it can be much tougher to move internationally. Typically, this requires that everyone in the family get a passport and much more. With help from a local mover like us, the customer will have more time to focus on preparing for the move. Services include port-to-door and door-to-door delivery, and we will keep in constant contact with the customer for additional reassurance. When a family hires us, they know their belongings are in good hands.

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Military Moves

A family moving under orders from the military needs a hassle-free relocation, and that is exactly what they will find at Town & Country. Our company offers single-point, door-to-door responsibility, and we have the General Services Administration approval. When working with us, military families find the experience to be smooth and convenient.

Business Relocations

Our team of DC, Virginia, and Maryland movers can also help business owners who need to relocate. The goal is to help companies make a quick and easy transition to get the company back up and running as fast as possible. Customers will find everything they need to safeguard the business’ assets during the process.

Moves for Senior Citizens

For many families, a time may come when an elderly relative wants to move to an active adult or senior community. While this step can lighten the load on the family, the transition can present a variety of challenges. Our team of professionals will work with the family to ensure the new location feels right for their relative, and we can help seniors enjoy a more carefree lifestyle.

Packing Services

Smooth and successful moves require that all of the family’s possessions arrive in good shape. Organization is critical, and our team of movers can help with such tasks. The team will inventory the family’s belongings, and they will come with the packing materials necessary to protect delicate items during loading, transit, and unloading.

Moving can be stressful, whether it’s across town or around the world. However, hiring a professional moving company like Town & Country can make things much simpler. Ensuring the safety and security of customers’ belongings is our top priority, and our company’s continual focus on customer service has led to our reputation as one of the best movers in the Arlington area. Call or click today to learn more.

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