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At Town & Country Movers, we take great pride in how we store your belongings to ensure they are kept in pristine condition. There are a number of methods we use to make certain your valuables get back to you in the same condition we receive them.

Rugs: To prevent folds and dust accumulation, we wrap rugs and line them with paper-padded shrink-wrap. We then store them on our custom built rug racks to avoid stacking.

Chandeliers: Fish are meant to swim, birds fly… and chandeliers are meant to hang. That’s why we keep it that way! Our in-house technicians will custom build a case to fit your chandelier, while keeping it in its upright hanging position.

Artwork/Mirrors: Whether you’re storing your artwork with us, or simply moving it long distance, we will create a custom frame to encase your piece(s). We also shrink-wrap and protect framed pieces.

Sofas/Couches: Similar to rugs, all couches are stored on racks to prevent indentations. We also wrap them in shrink-wrap to prevent dust accumulation.

Town & Country Movers has just completed a brand-new state-of-the-art warehouse to provide for all of your storage needs.

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