A Day in the Life: Illona Sher, Packing Manager

By: Brian S. “Packing is an art.” Those were the first words Illona Sher, our Packing Manager, said to me on my packing job tag-along. And thinking I was Picasso, I proceeded to ask, “big things go in big boxes and small things in small boxes, right?”… Wrong… It was clear I had a lot to learn about packing. Organization is the name of the game when it comes to packing. Our packing crews follow strict guidelines to prevent any mix-ups when it comes to getting your belongings where they need to be. Upon arrival at a home or office, our crews will do a thorough walk-through to determine what items are being packed. Contents and room locations are written on boxes to allow for an easy transition. Once the packing is complete, a thorough inventory is taken to ensure everything is accounted for. This same inventory list is readdressed [...]

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By: Brian S. At Town & Country Movers, we take great pride in how we store your belongings to ensure they are kept in pristine condition. There are a number of methods we use to make certain your valuables get back to you in the same condition we receive them. Rugs: To prevent folds and dust accumulation, we wrap rugs and line them with paper-padded shrink-wrap. We then store them on our custom built rug racks to avoid stacking. Chandeliers: Fish are meant to swim, birds fly… and chandeliers are meant to hang. That’s why we keep it that way! Our in-house technicians will custom build a case to fit your chandelier, while keeping it in its upright hanging position. Artwork/Mirrors: Whether you’re storing your artwork with us, or simply moving it long distance, we will create a custom frame to encase your piece(s). We also shrink-wrap and protect framed [...]

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MOVING to a New School

By: Brian S. It’s no secret that the peak of moving season comes during the summer. A big reason for this is due to the fact that parents don’t want their kids switching schools in the middle of the school year. For children/teens, changing schools can be extremely difficult. It’s important to help your kids with this transition to ensure them the best opportunities for success. Below are some tips to help your kids get through this “end of the world” scenario: 1. Take a trial run: Especially for younger children, it’s important for them to visualize where they’re going. Before school starts, drive them to school, and if possible, take a tour of the school itself. If they’ll be taking a bus, show them where the bus stop is. If they’re walking, print out a map of their route… If you’re feeling really ambitious, make it a treasure map! 2. Research [...]

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By: Brian S. Sitting at the site of the old convention center, on 10 acres of prime downtown real estate, CityCenterDC may as well have it’s own zip code. Encompassing all aspects of city living, CityCenter will boast retail (259,000sqft), office (515,000sqft), apartments (458 units), condominiums (216 units), a 350 room hotel, and 1.5 acres of public space. One of the largest downtown developments of any city in the U.S., CityCenterDC will feature nearly 60 stores, restaurants, and cafes; residents won’t have to leave this city within a city! Oh, and did we mention the entire development has received a Gold certification for LEED© Neighborhood Development? Breaking it Down: The development consists of 6 buildings. In order from West to East; 2 for offices, 2 for apartments, and 2 for condos. Retail will fill all 4 sides of each parcel and cover the first two floors. You still with me? [...]

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