At Town & Country Movers we are able to move homes or commercial space locally, long distance, and even international. We recently completed this move from Chevy Chase, MD to Olympia, WA. Here is what the customer had to say about their long distance move experience.

“We completed our move from Chevy Chase to Olympia, WA. Manuel, the driver came with the packers on 7/1 (the day before the move) and supervised and assisted 3 of your employees in packing our goods for the move on 7/2.”

Why did we pack this move the day before?

Many times with long distance moves the home owner is moving all their belongings including may be even cars or other large items, so allowing a whole day for packing is important for an efficient long distance move.

We also complete an inventory of each item being moved to ensure during the check in process at the final destination everything has been allocated for.

On this move we did transport a vehicle inside of the truck, so a whole day allowed us to build the proper decking inside of the deck for transport.

“Manuel was very friendly and a pleasure to work with. He explained the whole process and made us feel very comfortable with what was happening. He was also extremely thorough in making sure that everything was packed and loaded properly and nothing was left in the house.”

“I just want to emphasize that not only were we pleased with the entire move but that Manuel did a fantastic job and was a pleasure to get to know and to work with. He’s a great employee and does an outstanding job of representing Town and Country Movers.”

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