By: Brian S.

Town & Country Movers incorporated international moves in 2007 as a way to expand our customer base. Since that time, we’ve moved families and businesses to and from over 100 countries worldwide. This wouldn’t be possible without the forwarding expertise of Southern Winds International. Our international move coordinator has worked with Southern Winds for over 15 years and our strong relationship gives us the necessary assurance that your belongings are in the best hands from start to finish. Vice President of Southern Winds, Michael Gilbert states, “truth, honesty, and integrity are our principles; finding these principles in other companies is no easy task, but we’ve found that with Town & Country.” There are a lot of pieces at work during an international move and working with a reputable and trustworthy forwarder is absolutely essential.

To give you a better idea about how an international move works, let’s use a hypothetical. Let’s say you want to get your surf on and move to Australia (who wouldn’t?!), but the thought of moving all of your belongings across the world gives you more stress than it’s worth… Let’s take you through the process and hopefully relieve some of that stress!

1. First step is to set-up an estimate appointment. Over-the-phone estimates simply will not suffice, a detailed inventory must be taken for international moves.

2. Once we determine the scope of the job, we will then pass the information along to Southern Winds, who in turn will provide the most competitive rates for your move. Don’t worry, SW will only work with proven, trustworthy agents.

3. The next step will be booking your move date. At Town & Country Movers we will make all the arrangements and provide all the necessary documentation to make this process as easy as possible.

4. From there, Town & Country will work with Southern Winds every step of the way, tracking your shipment to its final destination(s). Any updates (i.e. vessel information, estimated time of arrival, delivery, etc.) will be relayed to you, so that you know where your belongings are at any given time.

5. Once your move is complete, take a deep breath and hang ten!!

If you have any questions regarding an international move, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (800) 683-6683 or (301) 670-4600!

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