Property Location: 3526 Edmunds St NW 20007

This almost 4,000 square feet Dutch Colonial home is located in Washington, DC. A beautiful single-family home featuring 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, one of the biggest highlights of the home is the pool in the backyard. The home was a little outdated, but the homeowner made several updates to make the home more appealing to prospective buyers to help accent our staging efforts. We staged various parts of the home while incorporating some of the real estate agent’s pieces she brought in from her own home as well.

What was the process for staging this home in NW DC?

Our designer, Jamira Thomas, has worked closely with this agent for years, but this was a very important and unique listing as the client was very specific and hands-on. The home was being listed for almost $ 3 million and they wanted to ensure the staging and look matched prospective buyer’s expectations. The agent and Jamira came up with a design plan that incorporated both the agent’s furniture and pieces from our inventory. The installation of the staging was difficult due to the project having so many hands on it. We typically enjoy a blank slate and we bring everything in to create a cohesive look. After a long day of staging, we were able to achieve a beautiful cohesive look that left both the client and agent happy. After we staged the home, the listing went live.

The day after the home was listed the agent had 13 showings in one day. The home went under contract 2 days after being listed. Everyone was happy with the outcome of our recommendations and staging efforts.

Staged Dutch Colonial Home DC

What were the unique challenges this staging project had?

This home had previously been listed several months prior at a higher price point and without staging. The client decided to relist, drop the price, do a couple of updates, and stage. The price point was a huge challenge for the client. Fresh white paint around the home and staging made all the difference for this home. When the client listed previously the home sat on the market for a full month without any offers or interest. This time around the home went under contract in two days, all the client’s efforts paid off.

About Our Designer

Jamira Thomas is a lead designer with Town and Country Staging and specializes in high-end luxury design projects. She loves all things design and has an eclectic style she brings to each property.

“From the initial assessment – which was fast and on-point, to the installation with Jamira going the extra mile to make it fast and easy. It was GORGEOUS! How they were able to do such a rapid assessment and then find the perfect pieces to accentuate the best qualities of my home…just stunning.”

Expert Staging in NW DC

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